27 October 2015

Our postcards are done! Check's in the mail!!! Graduation is soon upon us, come celebrate and see our Thesis Show :)

What A Time To Be Alive
Opening Reception: Weds, November 18th, 2015 5-8 PM
Montserrat's 301 Gallery
301 Cabot St, Beverly, MA

Featuring The Works Of:
GG Burney
Alec Iverson
Marissa Rasum
Shelby Rivers
Rachael Wentworth

19 October 2015

Next At Bat

Experimenting with a different composition within the circular support. My idea is to have three mandalas on top of each other, each with their own distinct color theme -- hopefully this will separate and distinguish between the three. This is going to get confusing I think! And I anticipate some friendly challenges. Hopefully I can get through this without crying or losing any hair ;)

13 October 2015


Untitled (Mandala 3)
Mixed Media on Wood
36" Round

I loved working on this piece. So much so that I never even took any progress photos! I struggled and had a lot of back and forth going on during it's creation, but in the end I have ended up with something I find quite beautiful and alive. It was so much fun exploring the relationships between all the shapes, colors, materials, and patterns/textures in this piece. I am so excited to be moving along successfully with this fresh, new concept of mine and look forward to experimenting more and showing them all at my THESIS SHOW!

05 October 2015


Untitled (Mandala 1)
Mixed Media on Panel
16" x 20"

Not sure if this guy is finished or not. Going to let it marinate for a while and see how it communicates with my upcoming paintings. What a weird experience this is, to do something SO different than what I usually do.