27 September 2015

Untitled (Mandala 2)

Untitled (Mandala 2)
Mixed Media on Panel
24" x 24"

I think she is done! The maroon background really grounded this painting for me. I am also super excited about the center area, the colors and vibrations really speak to me.

20 September 2015

Bigger, Weirder

Going a little bigger.
Getting a little weirder.
These are progress photos of a 24" x 24" partial mandala. It is fun to play with composition here and create different patterns. The colors are a struggle for me though. So outside of my comfort zone... But that's the point, right?

11 September 2015

Progress Photos

So, I went back to school. I started a couple weeks ago and was inspired to head in a new direction with my work. Things felt stale in both my process and my outcomes so I created a set of new guidelines to experiment with. I set forth the assignment on myself to work with unfamiliar and uncomfortable colors and shapes as well as use materials that I don't typically use and are considered to be crafty and kitschy. My intention is to force myself outside of my comfort zone with the goal of being successful there, while also engaging in a play with materials that juxtaposes low brow media with an elevated and educated creative process and formal elements. 
My mother gave me a coloring book for my birthday, "Coloring Flower Mandalas," which has been a huge inspiration in choosing to use mandalas as my subject matter. The meditative quality of them aligns with the meditative outcome I seek when painting, and the fun, geometric shapes offer a structure for me to apply my imposed guidelines. 
Above are some progress shots of my first piece in this endeavor. Needless to say, I am outside my comfort zone.
I am uncomfortable.