01 December 2015

It's All Happening

Poster-sized prints are now available of each of these mandalas! 18" x 24" or 24" x 36" centered on a clean white background.
Please e-mail rachaelewentworth@gmail.com with requests or inquiries. 

After some amazing feedback at my thesis show, I've managed to line up THREE upcoming events! This coming week I will be consigning some work to the Made in Haverhill pop-up gallery/shop space in Haverhill, MA. The three mandalas above, along with poster-sized prints and some of my other collages and paintings will be on view and available for purchase throughout the month of December. The address is 30 Emerson St. in Haverhill, so stop by to see or buy my work as well as the works of about 30 other Haverhill area artists!

After the new year comes, I will be showing my work in Winchester, MA gallery RUBINI ART. Owned and operated by painter Lucia Rubini, RUBINI ART is located right in down town Winchester! Again, any work shown there will be available for purchase. 

And lastly, in February I will be sending a piece off to beautiful Italy to be in an art and fashion show called Van Vogue! Stay tuned for me details! :)

Excited for new things coming my way,  to launch my career, and the journey ahead! It's aaaallllllllllll happening. 

20 November 2015

The End Is Near!

My 2015 Senior Thesis Exhibit! 

The gallery opening for my Thesis Exhibition was amazing! I had so much fun and was happy to have so many family and friends come show their support. The feedback received from the crowd was awesome and very positive, which made me feel amazing. Thank you to everyone who came!

16 November 2015

Lights! Camera! Action!!!

It is almost here!!
Our show is all hung and looks great. I cannot wait for our big public reveal on Wednesday and to hear what all my family, friends, collegues and cohorts have to say about the direction my work has taken. It is going to be a fun time and there will be food 😏

What A Time To Be Alive
Opening Reception: 111815, 5-8

12 November 2015

Process! Show time is so close

Process photos of my final show piece! I love the way this came out, but I am waiting until after my opening to post the finished product. I have to leave something to the imagination, you know! A few more loose ends to tie up and then hanging on Saturday afternoon. I am so excited for our show surprises and all the work we put in as a team, as well as my own personal little surprises and the work I have put in on my own. It's been a great semester :)

09 November 2015

04 November 2015


Untitled (Mandala 3)
Mixed Media on Wood
36" Round

Welp, I think this one is done and now I need to wear my glasses more. I am really uncomfortable and struggling with the amount of orange in this piece, but I think it works and is successful. It is sooo vibrant and hard for me to accept!

27 October 2015

Our postcards are done! Check's in the mail!!! Graduation is soon upon us, come celebrate and see our Thesis Show :)

What A Time To Be Alive
Opening Reception: Weds, November 18th, 2015 5-8 PM
Montserrat's 301 Gallery
301 Cabot St, Beverly, MA

Featuring The Works Of:
GG Burney
Alec Iverson
Marissa Rasum
Shelby Rivers
Rachael Wentworth

19 October 2015

Next At Bat

Experimenting with a different composition within the circular support. My idea is to have three mandalas on top of each other, each with their own distinct color theme -- hopefully this will separate and distinguish between the three. This is going to get confusing I think! And I anticipate some friendly challenges. Hopefully I can get through this without crying or losing any hair ;)

13 October 2015


Untitled (Mandala 3)
Mixed Media on Wood
36" Round

I loved working on this piece. So much so that I never even took any progress photos! I struggled and had a lot of back and forth going on during it's creation, but in the end I have ended up with something I find quite beautiful and alive. It was so much fun exploring the relationships between all the shapes, colors, materials, and patterns/textures in this piece. I am so excited to be moving along successfully with this fresh, new concept of mine and look forward to experimenting more and showing them all at my THESIS SHOW!

05 October 2015


Untitled (Mandala 1)
Mixed Media on Panel
16" x 20"

Not sure if this guy is finished or not. Going to let it marinate for a while and see how it communicates with my upcoming paintings. What a weird experience this is, to do something SO different than what I usually do.

27 September 2015

Untitled (Mandala 2)

Untitled (Mandala 2)
Mixed Media on Panel
24" x 24"

I think she is done! The maroon background really grounded this painting for me. I am also super excited about the center area, the colors and vibrations really speak to me.

20 September 2015

Bigger, Weirder

Going a little bigger.
Getting a little weirder.
These are progress photos of a 24" x 24" partial mandala. It is fun to play with composition here and create different patterns. The colors are a struggle for me though. So outside of my comfort zone... But that's the point, right?

11 September 2015

Progress Photos

So, I went back to school. I started a couple weeks ago and was inspired to head in a new direction with my work. Things felt stale in both my process and my outcomes so I created a set of new guidelines to experiment with. I set forth the assignment on myself to work with unfamiliar and uncomfortable colors and shapes as well as use materials that I don't typically use and are considered to be crafty and kitschy. My intention is to force myself outside of my comfort zone with the goal of being successful there, while also engaging in a play with materials that juxtaposes low brow media with an elevated and educated creative process and formal elements. 
My mother gave me a coloring book for my birthday, "Coloring Flower Mandalas," which has been a huge inspiration in choosing to use mandalas as my subject matter. The meditative quality of them aligns with the meditative outcome I seek when painting, and the fun, geometric shapes offer a structure for me to apply my imposed guidelines. 
Above are some progress shots of my first piece in this endeavor. Needless to say, I am outside my comfort zone.
I am uncomfortable.

21 August 2015

Mural for Amelia

My above-the-crib Mural for Baby Amelia Rose!
Made with Acrylic Paint
Mommy, Daddy, and little Baby Elephant to bring joy to her nursery :)

09 April 2015

Leeza's Birthday

Untitled (For Leeza)
Collage, Wintergreen Transfer, Gouache, Sharpie, Orchid, Metal on Panel
5" x 7"

15 March 2015

Semper Fi, Devil Dog!

Untitled (Semper Fidelis)
Paper, Thread, Wintergreen Transfer, Charcoal & Gouache on Panel
16" x 20"