20 November 2015

The End Is Near!

My 2015 Senior Thesis Exhibit! 

The gallery opening for my Thesis Exhibition was amazing! I had so much fun and was happy to have so many family and friends come show their support. The feedback received from the crowd was awesome and very positive, which made me feel amazing. Thank you to everyone who came!

16 November 2015

Lights! Camera! Action!!!

It is almost here!!
Our show is all hung and looks great. I cannot wait for our big public reveal on Wednesday and to hear what all my family, friends, collegues and cohorts have to say about the direction my work has taken. It is going to be a fun time and there will be food 😏

What A Time To Be Alive
Opening Reception: 111815, 5-8

12 November 2015

Process! Show time is so close

Process photos of my final show piece! I love the way this came out, but I am waiting until after my opening to post the finished product. I have to leave something to the imagination, you know! A few more loose ends to tie up and then hanging on Saturday afternoon. I am so excited for our show surprises and all the work we put in as a team, as well as my own personal little surprises and the work I have put in on my own. It's been a great semester :)

09 November 2015

04 November 2015


Untitled (Mandala 3)
Mixed Media on Wood
36" Round

Welp, I think this one is done and now I need to wear my glasses more. I am really uncomfortable and struggling with the amount of orange in this piece, but I think it works and is successful. It is sooo vibrant and hard for me to accept!